Be a Mentor




As a technical mentor or coach of a FIRST® team, you are, through the kids, the key ingredient in the success of your team. Your contribution to the success of FIRST programs and ultimately to the success of the Tigard High School Robotics program is immeasurable.  We need your help to sustain the Tigard Robotics program.

Who are FIRST mentors and coaches? Our team members say it best. A mentor/coach:

  • Can be a person of any age, teaching others what they know
  • Brings technical to the team
  • Provides the opportunity for students to learn directly through experiences

Mentors and Coaches are individuals from all backgrounds and disciplines who work with students to share their knowledge and guide them through the season. Many Mentors contribute on a weekly basis during competition season, or support the team with subject matter expertise on an as needed basis. Teams may have additional or more specialized roles or a combination of roles as needed. In addition, Mentors help to foster the idea of Gracious Professionalism® and have the students do as much of the work as possible.

TECHNICAL mentor skills:

Robot Programming/Software Engineering Mentor
  • Assist team members with writing code to control robot in C++, Java, Robot C or LabVIEW (depending on program)
  • Maintains process focus
Electrical Engineer Mentor
  • Assist team with wiring the robot’s power and signal system
  • Assist and instruct the team members in the electrical and electronics systems on the robot
Mechanical Engineer Mentor
  • Provides assistance with design and construction of the robot
  • Advise students on the safe use of tools and safety procedures
FIRST® Tech Challenge season run from September – April

Club meetings are Tuesdays and Thursday at Tigard High School from 5:30 pm-7:30 pm

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