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Tigard High School Technology team is a large, vibrant, and diverse after school club that that promotes STEM education through participation in FIRST robotics competitions and other STEM related events.  With the help of our sponsors, the THS Tech Team has expanded from a club with six members with one robot in 2007, to a varsity letter Team, fielding four FTC Teams, an FRC Team, three Oregon Game Project Teams, a Marine Advanced Technology Education Team, and a High Altitude Ballooning Team.

We pride ourselves on being one of the few clubs at Tigard High school that doesn’t charge our students participation fees of any kind.  As you can imagine, a program of this size does not come with a cheap price tag.  Every year we pay for event registrations, we purchase robot kits, additional build parts, team uniforms and supplies used at school and local community events.  If two of our five FIRST teams progress on to championship tournaments, we pay more registration fees and all travel expenses for our students, coaches and chaperones.

We are do not receive financial support from the School District, which means we are only able to offer this amazing STEM program to our students because of the support we receive from team sponsorships and community donations.  In order to further educate students interested in mechanical, electrical, and software engineering and to provide them with a team based learning environment, we need to continue renewing the financial support we receive from our community.

Here are some great ways you can help!


Promote your business by supporting one of our teams. Your tax deductible donation will make you the primary sponsor of one of the teams listed above.  In exchange for your sponsorship, your company logo will be placed on Team uniforms, on the sponsorship section of our team website, on the robot itself, and in our pit at competitions.  Additionally, you will be recognized on all our social media platforms.  To make the biggest impact, check to see if your company will match donations or make donations for volunteer time.

Email: for more information.


If you feel passionate about helping to promote STEM education and activities and want to support the THS Tech with cash we’d love that too! Email: for more information. Or send check directly to the high school.

Make Checks Payable to:
Tigard High School Tech Team
9000 SW Durham Rd
Tigard, OR 97224


You can make electronic donations through online via Paypal.

Donate to the Tech Team with Paypal


Do you shop on Amazon??  Of course you do….use this link to get to Amazon Smile and let Amazon do the donating for you.  Once you set Tigard Tech Team as your preferred charity, Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchases to the Tigard High School Tech Team.  This is a super easy way to support the Tech Team without it coming out of your pocket!  Just make sure you use the link every time you shop on Amazon.


Have your student pick up some of our charity specific blue collection bags OR you can donate directly from your personal BottleDrop account online. 


Do you often sell items on Ebay?  If so, you have the option of donation 1-100% of your sale to our Tech Team.  When you create a listing with eBay for Charity and that item sells, eBay will credit the Insertion and Final Value Fees back to you, equal to the percentage of the final sale price that you elected to donate.

** Tigard Tech Team also has their own selling account for anyone outside the Tigard area, where we re-sell donated laptops, which have all been tested by our in-house technicians.  If you’re looking for an inexpensive laptop for you or your children, check out our online tigard_techteam1 inventory!